Educating about advance care planning is not an easy task. While we can host seminars to raise awareness of this sensitive issue, it is not always very effective. We thought of using another channel to generate this interest in the community. As CCCIS has a tradition in adopting drama to talk about life issues, we will give it a go again.

Say Goodbye to Hush Hush is a comical educational drama. It follows the Society’s another drama, “The Glamorous Funeral” in a series designed to encourage people to think about death and dying in a different perspective.

Our drama team members are not professional actors, directors or script writers. But all of us have a common interest and goal. We would like to create a platform to raise awareness of some important life issues while having some fun and fostering confidence in what we are doing.

Lastly, I have to thank all my staff, volunteers and even placement students for their enthusiasm and effort in putting this production together.

—— Dorothy Yiu OAM JP (Chairperson of CCCIS)

Say Goodbye to Hush Hush

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