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A Collection of Personal Stories and
Poems of Cancer Patients, their Carers and Volunteers

Previous Editions for Download

[New!] 81th Edition [Hope 81]
80th Edition [Hope 80]

79th Edition [Hope 79]
78th Edition [Hope 78]
77th Edition [Hope 77]
76th Edition [Hope 76]
75th Edition [Hope-75]
73rd Edition [Hope-73]
72nd Edition [Hope-72]
71st Edition [Hope-71]

70th Edition [Hope-70]
69th Edition [Hope 69]
68th Edition [Hope 68]
67th Edition [Hope 67]
66th Edition [Hope 66]
65th Edition [Hope 65]

20 years with Chinese Cancer Society
[20th Anniversary]

64th Edition [Hope 64]
63rd Edition [Hope 63]
62nd Edition[Hope 62]
61st Edition [Hope-61]
60th Edition [Hope-60]


“The Budding Daffodils”

The 10th-anniversary commemorative book,
featuring stories of people who are touched by cancer.




“Life – A Long Journey Forward”

An educational DVD on loss and grief
This DVD is available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin cover.


The Chinese Cancer Society Cookbook & Cookbook II – Eating Well

Featuring eating tips for cancer patients (information provided by the Cancer Council Victoria and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) and recipes contributed by cancer patients who have gone through treatments.