Our Annual Memorial Day Event at CCCIS

On March 30, 2024, we gathered at CCCIS to commemorate our annual Memorial Day event. Rooted in Chinese tradition during the Qing Ming season, people visit the resting places of their departed loved ones in the graveyard.

As we reflected on the past year, we remembered our dear members, especially Diana Cheung, a long standing volunteer and member, who have found eternal rest. Participants paid heartfelt tributes to them by presenting native flowers and leaving heartfelt messages hanging from the branches of a nearby tree. These messages carried memories, love, and grief.

In the group, attendees openly shared their fondest memories of those who had passed away. They spoke of laughter, tears, and the resilience that helped them cope with the loss. Our event concluded with a touching gesture: we sang together and released a balloon into the sky, symbolizing a visit to our departed loved ones in heaven.

Our Memorial Day event served as a beautiful reminder that love transcends time and space, and our cherished memories remain forever  deeply in our hearts.