Help Save the Environment –
Sustainable Gardening 🌳

CCCIS is committed to promoting and practising environmental sustainability by practising the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in our workplace as well as encouraging our service users to do likewise. As such, we have started a gardening program in 2021 to foster environmental sustainability and our clients’ well-being.  

Our gardening fans work hard all the time preparing and rejuvenating garden beds, building vegetable climbers, propagating, and planting a range of vegetables and flowers throughout the year for our Centre’s consumption as well as selling them to raise funds for the Society. Aside from sharing gardening skills, they have established and enjoyed friendships among themselves. 

We also practise the 3Rs in our gardening activities:

  • use recycled pots and tools,
  • keep the seeds from the previous harvest, and
  • make our own mulch etc.  

We also participate in multicultural festivals showcasing the Chinese vegetables and herbs that we have grown in our garden.