Volunteering with us

Volunteering is a valuable and integral part of CCCIS service delivery and sustainability

CCCIS is proud of having a group of dedicated volunteers who not only make a difference to our clients and their families, but also make CCCIS a safe and welcoming place where people feel supported and having a sense of belonging.

We have more than 60 active volunteers generously giving their time to support and assist with the operation of CCCIS, and to provide practical support to families of people with chronic illness, such as cancer, and families of people with life-limited conditions.

We invite people who are interested to support people affected by cancer and or chronic illness to join us. Volunteer applicants are screened by police checks before registration as a volunteer. Upon admission, they become a volunteer staff member and receive regular supervision and peer support. CCCIS is committed to ensuring that all our volunteers receive comprehensive induction and ongoing in-service training so that they are provided with the skills and knowledge to carry out their duties.

Under the rapid development of digital accessibility, we also tailor-established online e-learning Hub in 2020 to ensure that volunteers and staff members are able to gain and refresh skills and knowledge wherever and whenever they prefer to.

Volunteers also attend external training and grants may be offered to volunteers who are interested to pursue further study in higher education institutions.

Volunteers cound contribute to the following areas:


Family Support


Group Support


Digital Support

Or email to 
to express your interest and/or to discuss further with our volunteer coordinator.