Annual Chronic Illnesses Awareness Day

Our annual Chronic Illness Awareness Day was held in Salvation Army Hall in Box Hill on Saturday 13th October 2018. Over 100 people attended the event which was officially opened by Odette Waanders, CEO, Palliative Care Victoria. There were also display stalls providing up to date information and resources for the participants. The event was well received by the attendees. Below are a couple of  their comments:

"Today's event is great. The presenters were all very well prepared with their topics excellently delivered. I took away useful information from their presentation.  Thank you very much for organizing the event. It was indeed a privilege to be able to take part in it."

"I found the talks very informative and helpful, bring me up to date with recent developmden in treating breast cancer and legistlatin regarding Volunteer Assisted Dying. The event was very well organised.The talks were very well delivered. I hope the general public will appreciate the opportunity to get hte information from the specialists in person rather than fromt he media which is too much generalisation."